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The number one reason to adopt a pet is that you will be saving its life. So many shelters are overflowing with adoptable pets, we sometimes have to turn away animals simply because they do not have enough room. Help control the pet population by adopting!

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Featured Pets


Hello there! My name Is Dexter, even though I’m not a official scientist like the cartoon, I can still make a potion for you to fall in love with me! I am a gentle 80lb giant and would like to have a home where I can spend some time outside and whenever I am ready I can take a nap on a nice comfortable couch! My favorite treat is peanut butter Kong- the girls at the shelter can explain what that is! If you think I may be the perfect giant for your heart, please call my girls at HCHS and they can answer any questions you have about me!


Hello! My name is Axel, I am a super loving boy who is patiently waiting for my forever home! All I want is to be your best friend and stay right by your side. I enjoy spending time outside but what I would enjoy even more is taking a nap curled up right next to you! All I require is the finest treats, the best cuddles, and your unconditional love!


Oh look! A shooting star, oh no that’s just Cosmic coming to steal your heart! This boy has the sweetest eyes that stares right into your soul! He may take some time warming up to new friends- but once y’all are BFF’s, there is no breaking that bond! He is 1 ½ years old and all he wants is a home where he can spend his life with his forever family!


Hello! My name is Tinker Bell, but you can call me Tinker! I am a beautiful girl who is patiently waiting for my forever family. I can fix all your problems with just one kiss and hug! I love affection and just want someone who will love every bit of me, scars and all.


Hello, I am a gift sent just to you! I can be your guardian, helper, peace, whatever you want me to do, I can be that Angel for you! With eyes like mine who can’t fall in love with me! I am a very sweet girl who enjoys spending time with my favorite person and enjoying the nice weather outside! If you think I may be the Angel for you, please give me a call today!


Hiya! My name is Ritzy, you can call me your new best friend if you’d like! I love every person I meet and love spending time outside with my friend Rylee. I give the bestest hugs to my friends and want to meet everyone I meet!


How you doin’? Names Rylee, you look just like my dream family. Let me tell you a little bit about me to see if I might be your dream boy. I am 1 ½ years old and only weigh 50lb. I enjoy spending time with my friend Ritzy outside during yard time playing. I also enjoy playing with my human friends also, they give the best hugs! All I want is a family to enjoy my day with and have someone to cuddle me!


Hello! My name is Axton, I am a super loving boy who is patiently waiting for my forever home! I am a very smart boy who keeps my kennel clean, walks nicely on leash, and rarely barks! I currently weigh 36lb at 8 months old and love playing with everybody! If you think I might be the perfect match for you, please call my friends at Hill Country Humane Society today!

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