We work on a first-come basis. If you are interested in making an appointment, please call the HCHS at 512-793-5463.

All our adoptable dogs are treated for fleas, given DHPPV and Bordatella vaccines, and are de-wormed.

When you adopt one of our animals it will be microchipped and registered at the time of adoption. Also, if not already altered, you will receive a voucher to get your animal spay/neutered.

While we do our best to determine the breeds of our dogs, the majority are strays, and we have the only general appearance, coat type, size, ear type, tail, tongue color, and coat color to base breed on. It is always possible when adopting a puppy that it will change dramatically to look like another breed.



Introducing Wynonna! This lovely two-year-old female dog weighs 54 pounds. Wynonna is a beautiful and gentle companion, ready to brighten your life. With her calm and affectionate nature, she'll bring warmth and love to your home. It's important to note that Wynonna is currently heartworm positive and will require proper medical attention and care. But with your love and support, she can overcome this obstacle and thrive as the loving companion she's meant to be.



Meet our hidden gem Tam, the sweet and loyal 3-year-old, weighing in at 22 pounds. Tam's heart is as big as her personality, and she is happiest when surrounded by her furry friends, always ready for a playful romp. She has a special spot in her heart for belly rubs and enjoys nothing more than snuggling up in a cozy lap. Tam's journey to happiness has been a remarkable one. Although she may be timid around new people, her barks are merely a defense mechanism born out of fear. As a result, she prefers to stay out of sight when guests come over, ensuring a stress-free environment for her. Tam's journey of trust and growth has been heartwarming, and she has blossomed into a genuinely content and joyful little companion.



Meet Trixie, the one-year-old female dog with a heart as big as her adventurous spirit. She may start off a bit shy, but once you've gained her trust, you'll discover a loving companion like no other.



Meet Soot, an 8-month-old male weighing in at 56 pounds. With boundless energy and a heart full of love, he's the perfect blend of playfulness and affection. Whether he's zooming around the yard or snuggled up on the couch, Soot's loving nature is always on display. If you're looking for a furry companion to bring joy and vitality into your life, Soot is the one for you.



Meet Tilly, the one-year-old charmer. Medium-sized and full of love, she's your go-to buddy for snuggles and playtime fun. Though initially a bit shy, Tilly's affectionate nature shines once she gets to know you. She's all about deep connections and forming bonds with her humans.



Meet Titon, the charming 4-year-old, 61-pound lap dog with a heart as big as his gentle demeanor. Despite his size, Titon is a shy and sweet companion, mastering the art of proving that appearances can be deceiving. His favorite pastime is cuddling, and he excels at making you feel warm and loved. Titon loves leisurely walks, exploring new smells, and observing the world around him. If you're seeking a loyal friend and an expert cuddler, Titon is your guy—give him a lap, and he'll fill your life with love and warmth.



Meet Sasha, a 5-year-old, spayed female who weighs in at 42 pounds. Sasha's journey has been one of resilience and grace, as she is currently heartworm positive. Despite her health challenge, Sasha maintains a gentle and calm demeanor that is truly heartwarming. Her initial shyness may be a reflection of the challenges she's faced, but it doesn't define her. Sasha's heart is full of love, and once she trusts and bonds with her human companion, she becomes a steadfast and affectionate friend. Her calm and composed nature makes her an ideal companion for those seeking a serene and loving pet who, with care and patience, will repay your kindness with unwavering loyalty and devotion. Sasha is a testament to the power of love and the resilience of the canine spirit.



Meet Lisa, a gentle soul who is just 7 months old and weighs 33.4 pounds. Lisa's defining characteristic is her shyness, which adds a touch of mystery to her sweet personality. She may be reserved at first, but once she warms up to you, you'll discover a world of hidden affection and charm. Lisa's quiet and sensitive nature makes her a perfect match for those who appreciate the beauty of slow-blooming friendships. With patience and understanding, you'll find that Lisa's trust is a precious gift, and the bond you share will be all the more rewarding for it.



Blue is a 3.5-year-old neutered male with a heart of gold. Weighing in at 78.6 pounds, he's truly a gentle giant. Blue has a shy disposition, but his sweetness shines through. He may take some time to warm up to new people and situations, but once he does, you'll find a loyal and affectionate companion. His calm and gentle nature makes him a great addition to any family. Get ready, because he's sure to steal your heart with his quiet charm!



Allow me to introduce Arianna, the delightful 5-year-old female with a heart full of wisdom and a spirit that radiates warmth. Weighing in at a solid 61 pounds, Arianna is the embodiment of strength and grace. Her mature demeanor and calm presence make her an ideal companion for tranquil walks through the park or lounging by your side during quiet evenings.



Meet Chase, the spirited 1-year-old weighing 47.2 lbs. Always on the move, he's a playful pup with contagious enthusiasm. Chase's perfect blend of energy and affection makes him the ideal companion for both indoor cuddles and outdoor adventures. Get ready for a daily dose of joy and love with Chase by your side! Chase is dealing with Demodex mites, leading to hair loss, redness, itching, and possible infections. Diagnosed through skin scrapings. Not all Demodex-affected dogs need treatment; some are symptom-free. Seeking foster or adopter with experience in providing medicated baths. The mites are not contagious.



Introducing Bullet: The Goofy Adventurer! 1 year young and full of zest, 60 lbs of boundless energy and endless smiles. Playful male with a heart of gold and a goofy charm. Embarking on thrilling adventures with a wagging tail and gleeful spirit. The ultimate playtime enthusiast, turning every moment into a joyous game; A bundle of laughter and mischief, bringing smiles to everyone's face. Expert in finding fun in the simplest of things and turning any day into a celebration. Enjoys outdoor escapades, friendly frolics, and belly laughs that can brighten any mood, a living reminder to savor life's pleasures and embrace every opportunity for fun.



Meet Anson! He's a 2.5-year-old neutered pup who weighs 40.8 lbs. He's full of energy and loves to play fetch and go on long walks. Anson is friendly, gentle, and great with kids and other dogs. He enjoys belly rubs and treats, and he's always ready for an adventure!



Introducing Scooby: The Bouncy Goofball! 9 months young and full of boundless energy 65 lbs of pure exuberance Playful female with a heart of gold and a spirit that can't be tamed A perpetual bouncer, turning every moment into a playful adventure A true master of goofiness, making everyone laugh with her antics Enjoys romping around, chasing toys, and spreading laughter wherever she goes Bringing joy and smiles to even the dullest of days A reminder to embrace our inner child and find delight in the simple pleasures of life Living proof that a bit of silliness can brighten anyone's world.



Introducing Sissy! At 2 years old, spayed, and weighing 33 pounds, she's our adorable little explorer. She's already a ray of sunshine in our lives. With her infectious wiggles, bunny hops, and playful spirit, she brings joy to everyone around her. Sissy needs a home who will be patient with her while she comes out of her shell!



Meet Freya, the 1-year-old with boundless energy and a heart full of cuddles. At 54 pounds, she's a bundle of youthful vitality, always eager for playtime and outdoor adventures. But when it's time to unwind, Freya becomes a cuddle expert, melting away your stress with her affectionate charm. With Freya, you'll find the perfect balance of pep and snuggles in your ideal furry companion.



Meet Pedro! A 2-year-old bundle of love and energy, thriving in his cozy single-dog home. Playful and cuddly, I'm the perfect mix of adventure and snuggles. Eager to explore, chase toys, and melt hearts with my puppy-dog eyes. With all the attention to myself, I shine like a sunbeam on a lazy afternoon, a social butterfly ready to make new human friends. Looking for loyalty, tail wags, and endless love? Let's journey together!



Meet Ragnar: The vibrant and spirited 2-year-old male dog weighing 49 lbs. With his magnetic personality and boundless energy, Ragnar is a true bundle of joy.



Introducing Galaxy! This adorable eleven-month-old female pup weighs 40 pounds. Galaxy is overflowing with love and is eager to find a home filled with toys and treats.



Meet Frazier, the sweet and loyal 3-year-old neutered male Boxer. With a heart full of kindness and a keen sense of loyalty, he's an invaluable companion. Frazier embodies the perfect blend of strength and gentleness, making him a truly loyal and loving friend. Frazier is also dealing with heartworms which is non-contagious to humans or animals and will require treatment.



Introducing Hasty, a stunning 1-year-old mixed breed male weighing 61 lbs. With captivating looks and a playful spirit, he's the perfect companion for outdoor adventures. He's working on building friendly relationships with other dogs and has a kind and affectionate heart. Join Hasty on a lifetime of love, cherished memories, and new furry friendships.