We work on a first-come basis. If you are interested in making an appointment, please call the HCHS at 512-793-5463.

All our adoptable dogs are treated for fleas, given DHPPV and Bordatella vaccines, and are de-wormed.

When you adopt one of our animals it will be microchipped and registered at the time of adoption. Also, if not already altered, you will receive a voucher to get your animal spay/neutered.

While we do our best to determine the breeds of our dogs, the majority are strays, and we have the only general appearance, coat type, size, ear type, tail, tongue color, and coat color to base breed on. It is always possible when adopting a puppy that it will change dramatically to look like another breed.



Hey there, my name’s Murphy, I am a awesome girl who is patiently waiting for my forever home! I am currently weighing 80lb at the ripe age of 4 years old. My three basic fantasies I would have for a forever home are, a bed that is as soft as a cloud, the finest foods, and the best snuggle time from my favorite human. If you think I may be the girl for you, call my secretary at Hill Country Humane Society to meet me.



Heyo, I'm Fondu! I'm as sweet as the chocolate I'm named after and would love to share my kisses with you! I'm only 3 years old and 88.5 lbs! I love water, romping outside, and sticking close to those I love, napping next to my people is always on my to-do list, and I love treats and snacks too! If this is your love language too then call up the HCHS and schedule a time to meet me!



Sup, I'm Brewster! I'm 38 lbs of pup at a year old so I still have some puppy energy and some manners to learn but so far I can sit, keep my kennel clean, and walk decently on a leash! I like the outdoors but prefer to nap snuggled up next to my favorite people or doggy companion! If you're looking for a sweet little nub-tailed boy like me call up the HCHS today and meet me in person!



Hiya! My names Cabriela and I'm a super sweet girl at 2 years old and only 41 lbs! I love people, other dogs, and bounding around outside! I also enjoy lazy afternoons in bed and cuddling up to my favorite people! If you believe this fits your lifestyle hit up the HCHS and schedule a time to meet me!



Hi, there I'm Cleopatra! I'm a 7.5-year-old sweetheart and only 66.5 lbs! I like casual short walks outside but mostly love to lounge around in the air conditioner with my favorite people! I'm low energy and would prefer a nice calm home with little noise. If this sounds like something you're interested in call HCHS today and you won't be disappointed!



Hello! My name is Twister, I am a very playful boy who is looking for my forever home! I enjoy spending time outside playing but would also enjoy a nice comfortable bed to lounge around all day on! If you think I may be the perfect boy for you, please call me today!



Howdy, the name is Dilbert. I’m a fun-loving boy who wants nothing more than a forever home where I can fatten up my belly! I love playing outside in the yard and love going on walks! I currently am underweight and could use some groceries! If you think I may be the perfect boy for you, please call the Hill Country Humane Society today!



Hey there, I'm Draco! I'm a big 83 lb goofball looking for his own place to call home! I love every human and dog I come across, love going outside but also love a quiet day in bed snuggling my person, I love treats, I know sit, and overall just a big happy boy even at 4 years old! If you want someone who walks well on a leash, is potty-trained, and is as gorgeous as me then come down to HCHS, and let's meet and chat!



Hiya! I'm Scout and I'm scouting out my forever best friend! I'm looking for someone who wouldn't mind a 40 lb lump of dog laying in their lap and giving kisses and shaking my floppy ears around, someone who doesn't care I'm a year old with puppy manners and who will teach me right from wrong, which won't be hard cause I absolutely love treats and cookies! If you fit the bill then come visit me at the HCHS today!



Practically perfect in every way (for a Husky), Wishbone is ready to find his fabulous furever home! Quieter than most of his kind, Wishbone still loves to talk and tell stories but enjoys a little quiet time as well. The super sweet boy will follow you anywhere (because that's where he was already going) and loves to play ball and tug with you. Super smart already, Wishbone keeps his kennel very clean, walks really well on leash, and already knows how to sit and smile for the camera! Sound like your dream match? Come on out today and meet our amazing boy Wishbone, and you won't be able to leave without him!



Hey there, my name is Huckleberry. I am a charming boy who is on the hunt for my forever home! I love running outside and singing, obviously since I’m a hound dog. I currently weigh 51 lbs, but I can use some extra groceries put on me! I walk nicely on a leash and love going on walks! If you think I may be your perfect boy, please call my friends at Hill Country Humane Society today!



HIYA, I’m Hasty and I am a very goofy boy! I love romping around outside and I absolutely LOVE treats! I keep my kennel nice and tidy, I even walk nicely on leash! I have a very fun personality as my friends at HCHS tell me all the time, not sure what it means but hey, as long as they give me treats I’m all for it!



Hey there, the name’s Toby. I’m a laid-back boy who is on the prowl for my forever home. I do enjoy going on hikes, just so I can stop and sunbathe in the nice wilderness! I am a very loving guy and would love nothing more than to have a family to call my own.



Hello! My name is Mabel, I am a super playful girl who wants nothing more than to go bowling, except I am the ball, and you are the pins! I enjoy spending time outside playing during the day, although I would appreciate a nice comfortable bed to rest my head on.



Hey there, I'm McGruff! I'm 11 years old and 92 lbs, I love slow walks in the shade, eating cookies, sleeping on comfy beds, and getting pets by my favorite people. I'm potty-trained and know the command sit, I'm very vocal and love to talk with my friends whether they're people or other dogs, I would like a laid-back household where we can sit together and just exist as a whole. If this sounds like the beat to your drum hit up the HCHS and let them know I'm being adopted today!



Are you looking for a beautiful boy? The type that will love you forever and give you endless kisses? Well, I have the perfect boy for you, meet Hugo. He is a very well-behaved boy who is looking for his forever home and he believes you might be his perfect match. He walks nicely on leash, never has accidents in his kennel, and he rarely bark. He is a very smart boy who knows the command sit and is willing to learn all the commands you throw at him! He enjoys playing in the pools and playing in the yard with his toys. If you are interested in giving this awesome boy a home please call the Hill Country Humane Society today and ask for Hugo!



Heyo, I'm Simba! I'm a spunky little 6-month-old pup looking for a foster to help with my medicated baths until I can be adopted out! I'm easygoing, quiet, food motivated for anything, and potty trained! I have some puppy energy to wear off from time to time but other than that I love to nap and eat and get cuddles and scratches! If you're interested in fostering me until I can be adopted please contact the HCHS and come meet me today!



H-Hi there, my name is Seven! I'm a shy little guy but after warming up to you is when I'll show my true bouncy colors and all the love I can give! I'm only 10 months old and 46 lbs, I love pets, cuddles, and giving hugs to show my affection! I'm really quiet inside and enjoy my naps, I'm potty trained and just looking for the best place possible to call home, if you think that's with you please come meet me at the HCHS today!



Sup, I'm Doc! I'm 48 lbs at a year old, a super sweet and active boy looking for the best place to call home! I love to hug, I love to get cuddles and pets, and I love people and other dogs too! If you feel like I'm the best match come take me home today from the HCHS and you won't regret it!



Hello, I'm Snow! I'm 3 years old and only 46 lbs! I could use some groceries and lots of love but that won't be hard cause I love to love and love to eat! I'm also deaf which doesn't affect me in any way other than missing out on your sweet voice calling me cute! I like to sleep on thick blankies, eat treats, and cuddle! I also like to run and play with others! If you think you're my people, please come visit me at the HCHS today!



Hello! My name is Lady, I am a very proper gal. I keep my kennel nice and clean, never make a peep, and enjoy dining on the finest foods. As a 2 year old I would enjoy lounging around in the yard as I sunbathe, or take a nice nap on the comfiest couch. If you think I may be the Lady you are looking for, please give my assistant a call at the Hill Country Humane Society to make an appointment to meet me!



Hey there, my names Rodney. I am a super loving boy who is patiently waiting for my forever home. I am a little nervous whenever I meet new people but once you give me some tasty treats, we will be the bestest of friends! I am looking for a quiet house where I can lounge around on the couch and take naps throughout the day!



Hey there, my name is Vinny. I am a very gorgeous boy who is patiently waiting for my forever home! I am aged to perfection at the ripe age of 3 years old! I walk nicely on a leash and keep my kennel clean! I enjoy spending time outside smelling around the yard and enjoy taking a nice nap inside!



Hey there, my name is Fletcher. I am a sweet 5 year old boy who enjoys spending my time outside sunbathing. I love playing with a ball and playing the game tag, except I am the one you must chase! Don’t let my age fool you, I can promise I am aged to perfection!